Life / Rant

When he doesn’t even know your name

The classic “I think I like him but he doesn’t even know my name!” situation became shockingly real for me today. I was in my last class of the day and the cutest boy in the grade (at least in my opinion (and probably his girlfriend’s too)) was taking attendance close by. He was talking to one of my good friends and asking her about the people’s names he didn’t know.

As he continued down the line he got to my name. Keep in mind, I was less than two feet away from him, and he asks my friend “Who’s that?” Who’s that? We are in the same grade and have two classes together! How can we have gotten this far through the year and you still don’t know my name?

I’m sure I sound incredibly conceited right now, and I probably am, but something about this really struck me. If I see this boy for say 10 hours a week and he doesn’t know my name, then people I know way better than him probably don’t either. I don’t want to be a forgotten face in the yearbook, I don’t want to come back to a high school reunion and everyone say “Oh who are you again?” Haha, no thanks. It’s time for everyone to know my name.




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